VirtualUA's March 2023 Update




March 2023 Community Update

Dear VUA Community,

Can you believe we will be turning 11 years old? It's surreal; we continue down this path, which is only possible because of our amazing community members. Our celebration for our 11th Birthday is on Saturday, March 25; please note our official Birthday is Friday, March 24. We will do a minor scale event for this year's Birthday. We will start our journey from Las Vegas via Los Angeles, with our final stop at the San Francisco Airport. We hope you can join us. We have a few prizes to giveaway. More information to follow this week.

Congratulations once again to Lee Brandt for February Top Pilot, along with Jonathan Lynch with his awesome best screenshot. Way to go, you two! What a fantastic achievement, we top off with 595 Flights for February. March also looks excellent; many flights have been flown thus far. It's never a dull moment here at VirtualUA; we have over 45,000 flights globally from every direction of the world. What's stopping you? We couldn't be prouder of our accomplishments; our community is one of the best.

Please note we are hiring volunteer staff members to join us to continue down this path; if you have a few hours weekly to lean a hand. We would love to chat with you. As an appreciation going forward, we will be giving out monthly Phone wallpapers; Here's March; you can download it here: We appreciate your dedication to our community.

That's all for now; Happy Flying and Happy March!


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Posted By: Robby Sayles - 2023-03-05 00:19:24